Pre-requisites for Unit Pilot Training applicants: 

1. Must be a U.S. Citizen capable of obtaining a Top Secret security clearance.


2. Possess a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college (or within one semester of earning a degree)


3. You must not be over the age of 31.


4. Vision Requirements:

a. The vision requirement is no worse than a refraction error greater than +2.00 or ‐3.00. If

you have had LASIK/PRK surgery you may be eligible to apply after 6 months has passed

since your surgery. The height requirement is between 64 inches and 77 inches tall.


5. Must have taken and received the results from the following tests:

‐ Air Force Officer Qualifying Test (AFOQT).

Minimum scores: Pilot 25, Verbal 15, Quantitative 10

To schedule the AFOQT, contact the Force Development office at the 128th Air Refueling

Wing at (414) 944‐8436 or the Recruiting office at the 128th Air Refueling Wing at (414) 944‐8570.

‐ Test of Basic Aviation Skills (TBAS). To schedule a TBAS test go to or call MSgt Roberson, (414) 944‐8436. Once

AFOQT and TBAS is complete you will be able to access the PCSM score.


If selected as a candidate for undergraduate flying training, you will be required to establish a

permanent residence within 75 miles of General Mitchell Air National Guard Base (Milwaukee, WI)

upon satisfactory completion of pilot training.

Application Requirements:


1. Cover letter detailing why you want to become an officer & pilot at the 128th Air Refueling Wing

2. Resume, not to exceed two pages in length

3. College transcripts (Copies OK)

4. AFOQT & PCSM Scores

5. Copy of your driver’s license

6. Submit a copy of your private pilot’s license, any certifications, and flight logs with aircraft type (if applicable).

7. Forms to submit: AF Form 24, AF IMT 2030 and DD Form 2807‐2 (you can google these forms or

contact the 128th Recruiting Office at 414‐944‐8433).

8. Letters of recommendation (3 Maximum)


Pilot Hiring Inquiries

Please visit or email