Air Force approves updates to uniform wear guidelines

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Ryan Kuntze
  • 128th Air Refueling Wing
The Air Force approved updates to the dress and appearance guideline, Air Force Instruction 36-2903, on June 16, 2009. 

All updates are set to take effect on Oct. 1, 2010, unless otherwise stated, and include the airman battle uniform, battle dress uniform and desert combat uniform. 

The updates are as follows: 

-- Airmen will be able to use a cellular telephone while in uniform and walking. The mobile phone must be of a conservative color and can be worn on either the left or right side. However, customs and courtesies must be observed at all times, and salutes take precedence to talking on the phone. Hands-free devices will still be unauthorized for use while walking in uniform. 

-- Trousers must be tucked into boots while maintaining a bloused appearance. 

-- Boot laces must be tucked into the boots, to include the tips of the boot laces. Wrapping the lace around the boot will still be authorized. 

-- The green fleece jacket, part of the All-Purpose Environmental Clothing System, will be authorized as an outer-wear garment. Airmen can sew on name, rank and service designators, though these items are not mandatory. 

-- Enlisted chevrons must be sewn on the sleeves of the light-weight blue jacket. The metal insignias on the collar will no longer be authorized. This update takes effect Jan. 1, 2010. 

-- The lower leg pocket on the ABU trousers will be extended by approximately ½ inch. 

-- Upper-sleeve pockets will be authorized for fire-resistant clothing used in the Central Command region. 

-- Airman who have earned and were awarded the Army Parachute Riggers badge will be authorized to permanently wear it on all uniform combinations. For ABUs and BDUs, the badge will be blue; for DCUs, the badge will be brown. 

-- The Army Air Assault black badge will be authorized for wear with ABUs upon graduation from the Air Assault School. 

-- Organizational ball caps will not be authorized to be attached to the cargo pockets on BDU trousers. 

-- Female ABU trouser buttons will be the same as the men's trousers. 

Information from an Air Force News Service story was used in this story.