Specialty Summary. Performs in-flight refueling aircrew functions and activities according to flight manuals, checklists, and Unites States Air Force publications.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Performs in-flight refueling aircrew duties. Checks forms for equipment status. Performs visual and operational check of air refueling and associated systems and equipment. Performs preflight, through-flight, and post-flight inspections. Accomplishes preflight and post-flight records and reports. Performs in-flight operational check of air refueling systems. Directs receiver aircraft into air refueling position. Operates in-flight air refueling controls and switches to safely affect contact between tanker and receiver aircraft. Monitors control panel for proper operation of equipment during air refueling, and advises receiver pilot of actions required to safely maintain position within the air-refueling envelope. Keeps tanker pilot informed as to progress of air refueling operations. Performs emergency operations and procedures as required for emergency off-load and on-load of fuel. Computes and completes aircraft weight and balance documentation.

Receives cargo/passenger load briefing and reviews load plan and cargo documentation. Accomplishes load planning of cargo/passenger loads if required. Supervises cargo/passenger loading and off-loading operations. Directs the placement of material handling equipment to accomplish cargo on/off loading operations. Ensures cargo/passengers are placed according to load plans. Determines cargo restraint requirements according to criteria and directs and checks the application of cargo restraint equipment. Checks cargo/passenger loads against manifests.

Ensures availability of fleet service equipment and receives and stows in-flight meals. Accomplishes passenger briefings to include the use of emergency equipment, evacuation procedures, and border clearance requirements. Demonstrates the use of passenger emergency oxygen systems and life vests. Supervises passengers in-flight. Performs jumpmaster duties (KC-135 only).

Specialty Qualifications:

Knowledge. Knowledge is mandatory of: electrical and mechanical principles applying to aircraft and related systems; flight theory; aircraft electrical, hydraulic, and pneumatic systems applying to in-flight refueling system; navigation fundamentals, including chart reading; normal and emergency operation of aircraft refueling systems; flying directives; weight and balance factors; cargo tie-down techniques; minor in-flight maintenance; using survival equipment and oxygen; communication and aircraft emergency procedures; border agency clearance; dispensing and preserving food aboard aircraft; and using and interpreting diagrams, loading charts, technical publications, and flight manuals.

Education. For entry into this specialty, completion of high school with courses in physics and mathematics is desirable.

Training. For award of AFSC 1A031, completion of the basic boom operator course is mandatory.

Experience. The following are mandatory for award of the AFSC indicated:

1A051. Qualification in and possession of AFSC 1A031. Also, experience performing functions such as: inspecting, operating, and troubleshooting in-flight refueling systems; preparing or verifying load plans; loading and unloading aircraft; and instructing passengers in the use of emergency equipment and procedures.

1A071. Qualification in and possession of AFSC 1A051. Also, experience performing or supervising functions such as: inspecting, operating, and troubleshooting in-flight refueling systems; preparing or verifying load plans; loading and unloading cargo on aircraft; and instructing passengers in the use of emergency equipment and procedures.

1A091. Qualification in and possession of AFSC 1A071. Also, experience in directing functions pertaining to in-flight refueling operator activities.

Other. The following qualifications are mandatory as indicated:

For entry into this AFSC:

For entry, award, and retention of these AFSCs:

Physical qualification for in-flight refueling operation duty according to AFI 48-123, Medical Examinations and Standards, Class III medical standards.
Qualification for aviation service according to AFI 11-402, Aviation and Parachutist Service, Aeronautical Ratings and Badges.

Must maintain eligibility to deploy and mobilize worldwide.

Specialty requires routine access to Top Secret material or similar environment. For award and retention of AFSCs 1A0XX, completion of a current Single Scope Background Investigation (SSBI) according to AFI 31-501, Personnel Security Program Management.

NOTE: Award of the 3-skill level without a completed SSBI is authorized provided an interim Top Secret security clearance has been granted according to AFI 31-501.