Specialty Summary. Manages activities to accomplish aircraft structural maintenance, metals technology, survival equipment maintenance, and nondestructive inspection.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Plans, organizes, and directs aircraft fabrication maintenance activities. Interprets and implements directives and publications pertaining to fabrication and airframe maintenance, including environmentally safe practices. Establishes production controls and standards. Analyzes maintenance management reports. Determines resource requirements, including personnel, equipment, facilities, and supplies. Coordinates with other activities to improve procedures and resolve problems.

Directs maintenance personnel employed in removing, disassembling, inspecting, repairing, treating corrosion, reassembling, installing, testing, and modifying aircraft structural components, survival equipment, and local manufacture activities. Solves fabrication, airframe, maintenance, local manufacture, and support equipment repair problems.

Inspects and evaluates fabrication maintenance activities. Evaluates
completed work to determine operational status and compliance with directives, policies, and work standards. Manages resources, interprets inspection findings, and recommends corrective action. Manages the oil analysis program.

Specialty Qualifications:

Knowledge. Knowledge is mandatory of: aircraft structural maintenance, metals technology, survival equipment, and nondestructive inspection methods; characteristics and identification of aerospace and non-aerospace materials; concepts and application of maintenance directives; maintenance data reporting; and proper handling, storage, use, and disposal of hazardous waste and materials.

Training. Not used.

Experience. For award of AFSC 2A790, qualification in and possession of AFSC 2A771/72 or 73 is mandatory. Also, experience is mandatory managing structural maintenance, metals technology, survival equipment, or nondestructive inspection specialties and functions.