READY FOR INSPECTION: Milwaukee Air Guard Unit Welcomes IG Team

  • Published
  • By Lt. Nathan Wallin
  • 128th Air Refueling Wing
An Air Force Inspector General (IG) Team made up of approximately 45 inspectors arrived at the 128th Air Refueling Wing in Milwaukee Fri., Sept. 7.

"They want to know: How disciplined? Ready? Compliant? Efficient? Effective and proficient is this unit?," said Lt. Col. Jim Silvasy, 128 ARW Executive Officer.

An Air Force Compliance Inspection (CI) is an event in which a team of inspectors (IG) visits a base and through one-on-one contact with the unit's Airmen, evaluates that unit on their compliance with Air Force and Department of Defense Instruction.

"They come in to check that we're following the procedures that are laid out in the regulations and instructions," said Col. Mike Mayo, 128 ARW Vice Commander.

The Milwaukee inspection is a six day process. The IG team will inspect the 128th during their September Unit Training Assembly (UTA).  Inspecting them on their programs, procedures and protocols, the IG team will look at items ranging from training records and office file plans to mobile kitchen kits and the fitness program. The 128th will be graded on a five-tier system ranging from "outstanding" to "unsatisfactory."

After the UTA, the IG team will compile its findings into a report that will be presented to the Wing and its leadership during an outbrief Wednesday morning. Shortly after the outbrief, the IG will pack up, regroup and then fly to their next inspection locale and repeat the process.

During his welcome brief Col. John Quinn, leader of the IG Team, told the Milwaukee unit what would be expected of them during the inspection, "Attitude and sense of urgency matter," he said.

Immediately after that Quinn told them what they already knew, he assured them, "you are ready, just show it."

The Milwaukee Air Guard Unit, with more than 900 Airmen, is located at General Mitchell International Airport.  Based in Milwaukee since 1947, the 128th currently flies the KC-135R Stratotanker aircraft and their primary mission is air refueling.